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Faculty (Staff)

Sr No. Photo Name Designation Contact Email Resume
1 Dr. Kaushal Kumar Bajpai Professor 8604658565 kkbajpai.hodm@gmail.com View
2 Dr. Jai Pratap Singh Professor 9838622377 jaisinghjs@gmail.com View
3 Dr. RAJIVA DIXIT Professor 9450908919 dixit.rajiva@gmail.com View
4 Prof. Deepak Kumar Srivastava Professor & Head 9935623044 srivastavadk1971@gmail.com View
5 Dr. Amit Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor 9889555674 amitguptaknp2@gmail.com View
6 Dr. Neha Mathur Assistant Professor(On Contract) 9792880991 nm.mathur1308@gmail.com View
7 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Srivastava Assistant Professor(On Contract) 9415061006 srivastavaashwani4@gmail.com View
8 Dr. Shrawan Kumar Assistant Professor(On Contract) 9044240549 kumarshrawan996@gmail.com View
9 Saloni Agrawal Assistant Professor (on contract) 9473563734 agrawalsaloni23@gmail.com View






About Us

Bappa Sri Narain Vocational Post Graduate College has long been recognized as a premier institution of higher learning in India. A center for academic excellence and achievement, it is today one of the finest institution for Science, Arts and Commerce. B.S.N.V.P.G. College (KKV) has pace with the changing world and contributing many innovations in the field of education.

- Sri Rakesh Chandra,Principal at Bappa Sri Narain Vocational P.G. College (KKV), Lucknow