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Rover’s Eco- Restoration Club

Dr. Sanjay Shukla
Incharge Rover’s

Water is the essence of Earth and no life can survive without water. Water is the basis of evolution and also the cause for destruction for the sustainable development. The balance use of water resources, their conservation both in quality and quantity is essential. In order to achieve the awareness about water amongst the students who basically live in or around lucknow; the Eco-restoration Club organized a seminar on 12th October 2009 in Geology Department on ‘Water Crisis in Lucknow-Qualitative and Quantitative Approach’.

Five students were selected to deliver their lecture. A panel of teachers comprising Dr. Sanjive Shukla, Dr. Sanjai Misra, Dr. A.P. Verma were judging the contestants apart from Dr. U.S. Awasthi, Dr. Sajni Misra and Dr. Sanjay Shukla.

All students delivered  their seminar giving qualitative and quantitative data about water supply in Lucknow, highlighting various problems in different localities, sources and causes of the water scarcity. All the teachers also spoke on the subject giving feedback to the students about the root causes of the water crisis. Finally on the basis of their performance students were ranked as follows:

Aman Dixit B.Sc-II First Gaurav Awasthi
B.Sc III Second
Arya Kumar Sharma B.Sc Third

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Principal Message

Bappa Sri Narain Vocational Post Graduate College has long been recognized as a premier institution of higher learning in India. A center for academic excellence and achievement, it is today one of the finest institution for Science, Arts and Commerce. B.S.N.V.P.G. College (KKV) has pace with the changing world and contributing many innovations in the field of education.

- Prof. Sanjai Misra,Principal at Bappa Sri Narain Vocational P.G. College (KKV), Lucknow